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* Future article ideas:
> Invasive mussels
Seiche model built using an aquarium

All About Seiches

All About Seiches Despite operating beneath the surface of every large lake, seiches are often poorly understood. To increase public awareness of seiches, LAC built a model of a seiche system in 2020 using a large aquarium. We filmed our seiche model for several hours while subjecting it to an artificial wind on the surface…

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wake boat impact study sediment trail overhead view Kalamalka Lake

Kalamalka Lake – Boat Wake Impact Study

Kalamalka Lake – Boat Wake Impact Study On August 27, 2019, our team visited Kalamalka Lake to take a look below the surface. Using aerial and underwater drones, we took footage from two angles to capture the repercussions of boat prop wash and wake on the lake’s sediment. The boat wake created significant sediment disturbance…

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