Heather Larratt

Principal Biologist (RPBio, H.B.Sc.)

Heather has over 40 years of experience with water quality, environmental reclamation, mine reclamation, wetland development, bacterial remediation of mine waste water, reservoir management, phytoplankton and periphyton taxonomy, and project design. Heather is a long standing member of the BC Water supply association and the BC Lake Stewardship Society. Heather sat on the Regional District of Central Okanagan Environmental Advisory Commission from 2003-2011. Prior to starting LAC, Heather worked for the BC Ministry of Environment.

Bruce Larratt

LAC administrator

Bruce has over 40 years experience in computer programming, data management, accounting and administration, equipment repair, field sampling, and electronic sampling. Bruce is the principle administrator for LAC.

Jamie Self

Senior Aquatic Biologist (RPBio, H.B.Sc.)

Jamie has been with Larratt Aquatic Consulting since 2011 and has over 10 years of experience in water quality, project design and management, field sampling, GIS and digital mapping, data management, statistical analysis, R programming, web-based application and tool development, algae identification, and photography. Jamie has previously studied urban planning at the University of Waterloo and worked in both municipal and provincial government environments.

Sara Knezevic

Aquatic Biologist (RPBio, B.Sc.)

Sara has been working for Larratt Aquatic Consulting since 2019, gaining valuable experience in water quality and chemistry, field management, data management, report writing, and microbiology. Sara studied biology at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan and social science at Okanagan College. She is passionate about watershed resiliency, public education, and community engagement.

Elana Wensley


Elana joined the team at Larratt Aquatic Consulting in 2020, and her focus is algae taxonomy, specializing in periphyton identification. Elana is a Certified Diatomist through the Society for Freshwater Science. She has gained valuable experience working on many diverse projects for Larratt Aquatic Consulting, and is also currently undertaking a Bachelor’s degree from the University of New South Wales in Australia.

Stephanie Butt

Aquatic Biologist / Lead Taxonomist (B.I.T., H.B.Sc.)

Stephanie joined Larratt Aquatic Consulting in May 2021. Since then she has been gaining experience in taxonomy, water quality, field work, data management, and microbiology. Stephanie received an Honors in microbiology at the University of British Columbia, and is a Certified Diatomist through the Society for Freshwater Science. She is passionate about environmental protection, community engagement, watershed resiliency, and microbial restoration.

Jesse Cook

Field Technician

Jesse has been with Larratt Aquatic Consulting since 2022, contributing two seasons of fieldwork as a full-time technician. With a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and OFA Level 3, he brings a health and safety focus within the field team. Beyond the field, he has a passion for data management and administration, and is proud to be part of a team with a strong environmental conscience.

Cierra Viita

Field Biologist (B.I.T., B.Sc.)

Cierra has been with Larratt Aquatic Consulting since 2022, gaining experience in field sampling, data management, report writing, and taxonomic identification of zooplankton and benthic invertebrates. Cierra studied at the University of British Columbia – Okanagan campus, majoring in Freshwater Sciences and minoring in Earth & Environmental Sciences. She is passionate about protecting the environment for future generations.

Updated 2024-02-11